Sunday, May 31, 2009

We're Back...

So after a very long absence from the blogging world...we're back. Although I cannot promise how much time we'll find to blog, but I hope to be a better mom and journal about my babies...well more like toddlers growing up. I also would love to catch up and see how everyone else's little ones and lives are.

There is probably so much that has happened since I last blogged, that I most likely miss most of it. I will try to highlight a few of the key points:
  1. We moved successfully. We are all settled in. The boys were awesome through all of it. They didn't miss a beat. We love the new place and are looking forward to raising our family here.
  2. I found a job!!! Yes, that's right, it's back to the working world. I start tomorrow and am super excited (and nervous) about it. I will be working for Cottingham and Butler in Dubuque. I went through 3 full days of interviews, but they finally decided to offer me the job.
  3. Josh is LOVING his new job. He's doing so great and we're all so proud of him. He continually works on building his practice and we're all so thankful that he stumbled upon this opportunity because we think it's a perfect fit.
  4. The boys say "mama", "dada", "uh-oh" and "hi". When you ask them where Atlas is (if he's no where to be found) they'll turn their hands up in the air like I dunno. They wave good-bye, give high five, clap, signal "TOUCHDOWN" and can give a heck of an Indian call.
  5. Brody is walking (or running) everywhere and has 4 new molars in.
  6. Aidan is still walking on his knees and has eight total teeth.
  7. They got their first haircut back in the beginning of May.
  8. They have a new cousin...Evelyn Kathleen Taylor "Eva"Here's a few quick pics of my monkeys!

First time with ice cream cones...YUMMY! Bath time fun...

Getting into my Baking Cupboard
14 Month Pictures