Wednesday, December 19, 2007

New Pictures of the Babies

We went to Dr. Jazz on December 13th. The babies are doing well and growing like crazy. They are both measuring at 1 pound, 1 ounce right now, so that is great. As for mom, her uterus is measuring at 32 weeks already. Please say your prayers that I make it through the basketball season. They are both kicking and moving like crazy...I love all the commotion. At the ultrasound, baby A was kneeing baby B in the head and baby B was kicking baby A in the head...the doc said they look like boxers! :o) Now that the pics are so much more real to me, it's amazing how much more love you feel for them. I can't wait to meet them both. I'll put a labeled picture in with the regular pic in case it's hard to see the features.

Baby A

Baby B

Nursery Decisions

We changed our mind yet again. Here is the furniture and bedding we have ordered. Hopefully after Christmas and our trip to San Diego we will get going on the nursery. We are excited to make it a home for our new additions.

It continues to grow...

I have so much to update, sorry for the long delay (Jenny :o) ) Finally more pictures of the ever-growing belly. I may have to stop these soon so people will keep coming to look at the blog. :o)

Week #20

Week #21

Week #22

Week #23