Sunday, March 15, 2009

What Could Be More Fun?

So, finally a post, this time before I go MIA for a long time. Unfortunately, I will be busy this week packing and moving instead of practicing and watching the Pointers play basketball. We suffered a disappointing loss on Friday in the Sweet 16 to Illinois Wesleyan in Bloomington. We lost by 13...we didn't play well and they shot the lights out. It's so hard to swallow such a tough loss when you know the team did not play their best basketball. Although it is sad to see the season come to an end, no one would have given us a chance to make it as far as we did this year. I am so proud of these was a blast and a great way for me to go out. Not only is it the end of a season, it's the end of a chapter of my life. It is going to be so hard for me to say good-bye to these outstanding young women and all of my friends in Stevens Point to start building our new life in Lancaster. However, as saddened as am I am leaving, I am just as excited for my family to be making this move. It is what is best for we just need to find a job for mommy!

So, yes we are busy getting ready for the big move. Josh and I have been able to pack up almost the whole downstairs today and rented the U-Haul truck for Tuesday. We hope to leave town early Wednesday and be unloaded by Thursday with just a few days to unpack and get settled. Then it's back to SP for one week for Josh and the boys before they leave their lonely mommy here.

As most of you know, the big birthday is right around the corner. Unfortunately, due to our traveling for the NCAAs we had to postpone the boys birthday party until April. We will have a small party with good food and great cake for the boys on Tuesday and celebrate with more family and friends when things die down a little bit and everyone can come see the new place.

An update on the cuties...well Brody took 4 steps today before falling. Josh and I both witnessed it in amazement. It's not going to be long now. He also now will stop WHATEVER he is doing (even crying) to give you the cheesiest smile for the camera (proof below). Little Aidan has 4 teeth through with 5 & 6 almost through. They are so much fun right now and I love spending time just watching them. They play a came of hide 'n seek daily. They like to copy what each other is doing and then giggle uncontrollably about it. Brody has been saying "uh-oh" quite a bit, which is pretty funny too.
Anyways, wish us luck these next few weeks as we transition two 1 year olds to a new home, new babysitter, new routine and a mommy away from her babies. It may be a rough transition, but one that will be worth it the long haul.
Aidan checking out his toys, but... He thinks that boxes are more fun...

Playing with the boxes as we pack them up...note the cheesy grin from Brody... And in case you needed more proof, here's a few more...

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Sweet 16!

I just wanted to give a quick update before I head out on our road trip tomorrow. Thanks for everyone's well wishes. The boys are feeling much better. It seems as though at least two, if not three, of Aidan's teeth have broken through the gums and he is much happier. Brody has stopped throwing up, so all is well on that front too.

The Pointers are in the Sweet 16! We won both of our games last weekend and leave tomorrow to play Illinois Wesleyan on their home court Friday night. Tip off is at 8:00 pm. We couldn't be more excited for the opportunity to play the #1 team in the country who just happens to be undefeated. We'll give them our best shot, and you just never know what might happen. Hopefully we will have a game Saturday too. The hardest part of traveling is going to be spending 3 nights away from my babies...well, they're not really babies anymore...only five more days until the big 1!

I hope all is well with everyone else! I promise more pictures of the cuties soon, but for now GO POINTERS!!!

Friday, March 6, 2009

Game Day

Today is game day. I cannot believe the NCAAs are here. Tonight the women's field of 60 will get cut to 32 and tomorrow night there will only be 16 remaining. Can the Pointers make another run to the Sweet 16? Let's hope so. Maryville will be a tough match up for us tonight. Especiall with a few of our players having a bit of a bug, but I know they can pull through. It's win or go home and I think we all remember to well how awful it felt to go home last year. I couldn't think of a better way to calm game day jitters than with a little blogging.

Well, another bout of the pukes ended Brody up in the doctor's office the other day. I really think that his puking has something to do with drinking too much, too fast. Looking back at the daycare sign out sheet, he had 7 oz. at 5:00 PM, ate supper at home at 6:00 PM, and another 7 oz. at 7:30 PM only to throw up his entire bottle. Once he was done, he was happy as could be. However, the doctor did say along with his cold,he seems to have a little stomach bug and an ear infection. It's the first one either boy has had that we know of. She said that it wasn't bad at all, and no need to worry since it had not really been affecting him. She did go on to say that this ear infection could be causing him to throw up because it's near the "vomit center" in his brain. That was a little weird to me, but what do I know. She's not the boys ped, we couldn't get in to see him. We'll just keep on trucking, but we haven't had a bad poop or puke since Wednesday night. Hopefully it's finally over.

The boys attended their first women's hockey game a few weeks back to watch the Pointers take on Gustavus Adolphus. It was a defensive battle, and ended up being a 0-0 tie. It doesn't mean that the boys didn't have a great time watching "Auntie Ann" coach her team in a great game. Of course "Auntie Kelly" had to get some cute pictures of the boys.

This is my favorite...Aidan is watching the game, but you see Brody's reflection in the glass...Something good must be going on here...
Following the puck, back and forth...back and forth...

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Puking & Pooping - No Rhyme or Reason

Well, what the heck is going on in our house is beyond us. Since last Thursday/Friday, the boys have had diarrhea and puking every day and most days it's really quite random. I feel so bad for the little buggers, but the problem is, the don't seem sick at all. Aidan is really the one with the bad case of the poops, but it is getting better. It looks like he is getting all four of his top teeth at once...maybe that's it? I don't know...this is my first go. Brody had ABSOLUTELY NO problems with teething. Brody seems to have something wierd going on too. He's randomly projectile puking entire bottles. Reflux anyone? He usually only does it once a day, but it's really throwing a wrench into our week. They couldn't go to daycare on Monday...luckily our Friday sitter could cover. Yesterday Brody got sent home early from daycare, so although I swore I would not miss any work on this HUGE week for UWSP (see previous post), I did. Josh came home from work early so I could get to practice at 3, and when I picked Aidan up I found out Brody cannot return until it's been 24 hours since his puking incident even though the doctor does not believe he is sick with a stomach flu. UGHHH! So now, Brody got to come to work with mommy this morning because we really have no other mom is busy with month end at work and Josh's parents are on vacation. Could this have happened on a better week? Oh well, hopefully today will be the last of our issues. Thursday the boys are home with daddy and my mom is coming up Friday for the weekend's games so we should be covered there. Anyways, that's what's going on in our house. If any mom's have any advice as to what might be going on that would be greatly appreciated.

Wearing our pink and red for beautiful Sydney and Carynne on Friday
"Please mommy, take the gate down and let us in the kitchen..."
Atlas wants in too...the three trouble makers...Brody showing off the boys' new trick...holding their bottle...

Look hand...

NCAA Bound

For the second consecutive year, the UWSP Pointers are NCAA bound! I am so excited. This year has been so much fun, I cannot even express into words what a ride it has been. Don't get me wrong, it was fun last year too, but I was almost 34 weeks pregnant with Aidan and Brody at this time, so it was less enjoyable...especially when I couldn't travel. We won the WIAC Championship, the WIAC Tournament Championship and now we are hosting the first and second round of the NCAAs this weekend. We have three great opponents coming into Berg and hopefully we'll have the place rocking like it was in 2002. This truly is a special team and I hope we have six more games and three more weeks of fun. Here are some pictures of the WIAC tournament championship.

The final score...yes it was a defensive battle... The team showing the crowd their new trophy... Hard to see, but Hawks got one of me and the big Shirl... Cutting down the nets...I hope to do this again soon... Brody and his curls missed mommy...The whole family happy after a win... Grandapa and Aidan
Daddy and Aidan Webber looks like she's got something funny to say...Some alum made the trip...thanks Hoota, Scharts and Hawks (taking the pics)