Tuesday, November 20, 2007

The Bump Watch

And it continues to grow. Maternity pants or elastic waistbands are a must now. I can't imagine how big it will be after a great Thanksgiving Day meal on Thursday.

Week #19

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Week #17


We had our first appointment with the parinatologist on Nov. 8th. Dr. Jazz was a great guy, although he flew through the exam. He was worried about us watching the ultrasound for fear that we may be able to figure out the sexes, but no worries, I can barely pick an arm out in these u/s pics. They look like martians to me, but at least they're my little martians. I tried to lable them the best I could (put the words out to the left of the body), good luck seeing something. The only concern of the parinatologists was that the babies were a little small measuring at 5 and 6 oz. respectively. I keep trying to feed the little buggers though. Hopefully I'll have some petter pictures after our Nov. 29th or Dec. 13th visit.

Thursday, November 1, 2007

Nursery Stuff...Need Help Deciding...

Well, we're starting to tackle some of the bigger stuff now knowing that I could go early. We have ordered our bedding, but it is on backorder until the middle of December. Josh is a HUGE paisley fan, so I really had him on board for this, which was nice. We couldn't find any frog bedding we liked, so we nixed the Packer/Lambeau Leap idea. Any ideas for wall color?? Also, if anyone sews, we'd like to make curtains and a closet door curtain - let me know!

We're having the most trouble choosing the furniture. We decided to go with a coffee or espresso color for the furniture. Any votes on which of these to choose?

With this set we could go with the combo chest and the 5-in-1 crib. With the bottom set we would go with the crib and the dresser. Vote today - give me some help. I can't make up my mind about anything anymore!!

First Aspirus Appointment

We got to meet our midwife at Aspirus in Wausau on October 25th. She is so great and we are so glad that we have switched hospitals. Lynn taped both babies heartbeats for us. They sound so fast to me still. Like I said in my previous post, she measured my bump at 21 cm and thought that was good so far. She also wanted to take a look at the babies, so she brought in a portable ultrasound machine. The picture is a little harder to see this time, but it was great to see them. Baby A was kicking Baby B in the head. It was pretty funny...it looks like they are starting already. She said that we will probably have an ultrasound every 4-5 weeks to keep an eye on everything. Keep praying that I make it through this entire exciting Pointer season we have coming up. It's going to be an exciting one. We will be meeting with a Parinatologist (specializes in multiple pregnancies) on November 8th for a level 3 ultrasound. Looking forward to meeting Dr. Jazz and seeing our peanuts again.

In the picture below Baby A is on top looking right at us. You can see his/her facial features, head and belly pretty well. Baby B is facing down and Doc Wilson was excited to see his/her spine so well. Hopefully we'll have some even better pics in a week or so!

It continues to grow...

My belly continues to grow. At our first appiontment with the midwife (15 weeks, 2 days) I was measuring 21 cm. already. She said that's usually what you would measure at about 20 weeks with one baby. No maternity clothes yet though - just more sweats and Nike pants at work!

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