Friday, December 19, 2008

Why Do I Do This To Myself?

So it's been at least a week since I've been able to get on here and blog. I don't know why I let it get so long between posts because now I have so much that I want to post, it just becomes a jumbled mess. UGHHH!

Well, it's here! That much needed time off that I was longing for is here. I am at my parent's house with the boys, snowed in and enjoying every minute of it. Well, except the bad night of sleep last night from their "crazy" day of traveling yesterday. It doesn't matter, we beat the storm and now I get to have some down time and don't have to go back to Stevens Point until December 28th. I went to a basketball game last night (work), shoe shopping today (hopefully), Christmas dinner with friends tomorrow, family Christmas Sunday, shopping Monday, and my hubby gets here Tuesday! We miss daddy already (and Atlas too)!!!

Anyways, we've done a lot since the last post. Seen Santa for the very first time, added two more teeth, started crawling, graduated into their Cadilac big boy car seats and turned 9-months.

The Santa visit went well. I think the boys were too young to be scared yet. I'm not sure. Josh and I felt so bad for some parents who waited in the long line at the mall only to get up there and refuse to see Santa or cried in fear (although I think those pictures are adorable too). Then there were the parents who were fighting because mom was "forcing" Sally to sit on Santa's lap and the dad thought it was absurd. Josh and I just looked at each other and smiled and knew that our time would come soon enough, but for now we would just appreciate this special first and our little guys. So no smiles, but no cries and two babies looking at the camera equals success.

Aidan has also learned to crawl. He's not great yet, but can take two crawls before falling. He can army crawl or back crawl anywhere he wants to go, so it's only a matter of time but we can't believe how mobile they're getting. It's going to be so much fun chasing the trouble makers around the house. He also had two teeth pop through without us even really noticing. I seen two white spots during breakfast one morning and sure enough two popped through on Friday, December 12th. He's only two behind Brody...for now.

The boys have moved on to their convertible car seats. Thanks to my good friend and soon-to-be-mommy, Wendy, her cousin, and Aidan and Brody's grandparents (Wilson and Hodgson) the boys have fabulous car seats at an affordable price. Wendy's cousin was able to get us the Britax Boulevard Sutton, which retails at BRU for $320/seat for $150/seat no tax, no shipping. What's even better is our awesome parents got them for the boys for Christmas. They seem much more comfortable in the new seats, although it brings about a whole new set of challenges.

A&B also hit the big 9-months. We went for their well baby visit yesterday and they got a great report from the doc. Here were their 9-month stats.
Weight - 18 pounds, 9 ounces (25%)
Length - 28 inches long (50%)
Head Circumference - I have no idea on the measurement, but it's in the 95%!!!! What a huge melon!

Weight - 18 pounds (10-25%)
Length - 28 1/2 inches long (50%)
Head Circumference - Again, can't remember but 25%

So no 9-month pictures yet, but a few to hold you over for the time being. I hope everyone is having a fantastic holiday season and is able to enjoy their family this year...I know I am!

Our Santa Cowboy...Enjoying his first Christmas present from Josh and I All the boys asked Santa for was for Brett Favre to come back and play for the Packers. I don't know if Santa can do that! :( I wish!
The work BFF's came over for a little Christmas exchange. We had fun and Ann and Kelly spoiled the boys (and me). Such great friends...I don't know what I'm going to do without you two next year! Don't ask me how Brody made out so well getting to sit with both of them.

Ann and Brody Kelly helping Brody open up the cute shirts her and Tony bought them...

Thursday, December 11, 2008

All May Not Be Silent...But All Is Bright!

Just a few pictures for your today. I don't have time for anything else! I hope all is well with everyone. We won again last night (on a last second shot). We are now 7-1. We're off to a great start. We got home late last night, I have to go recruiting tonight and on the road again tomorrow morning for a long road trip and another late night. I miss these little guys. I cannot wait until things quiet down a little bit for me. One week people, one week!!!!

All smiles...
Brody has the lights all figured out...Aidan is intrigued too!Although this picture is dark...we love the overall look. Look at those two presents! Santa was good to us this year!Same picture...a little lighter.

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Monday, December 8, 2008

'Tis the Season

I've been terrible at updating lately, but I have no time for blogging. It's so sad, but any free moment I get I like to spend with my cuties. They are growing up so much. We thought that had the STTN night thing licked. Aidan did it for 3 out of 4 nights and Brody 2 out of 4 and then Aidan got really sick the day before Thanksgiving. Poor little guy. He was pretty sick until Saturday and that's when I got really sick. I just started to feel better last Friday and now Brody has a little case of the sniffles. Oh well! What are you going to do? We are back to square one for STTN, but we're hopeful that might be their Christmas present to us...feels like we're almost there.

We put the tree up on Thanksgiving and the boys love it! They are so fascinated by the lights and ornaments. In other news, they can both sit up now and have graduated into their new Christmas presents from their Grandmas and Grandpas - convertible car seats. I knew it was time to make the switch on Friday night. Josh dropped the boys off at practice and I had to walk them to the parking lot in the cold. I had blankets over their car seats and was carrying them and had to set them down twice and regroup because they were so heavy. Obviously the convertible car seats come with a whole new set of challenges and not as much convenience, but they look so much more comfortable and they love looking out the car windows now. I'll try to snap some pictures in their new seats this week.

Amie and Brian came to visit Saturday and got to see the awesome, very convincing Pointer win over the #1 ranked team(yes, in the country), UW-Whitewater. It was such a great game and I was so proud of our girls. I don't know if I've ever had that much fun coaching. To top it off, we got to hang out with Amie, Brian and Madisyn. We had a blast catching up, although it's apparent that we are all getting old as Josh and Brian fell asleep in the living room sitting up around 11:30 PM. It's a good thing we all enjoy parenthood so much. Thanks for coming to visit guys. We can't wait for a sleepover at your house in January. We need to see you as much as we can before May. :(

Again, I'll vow to try to be a better blogger, but we all know where that usually gets me.

Aidan is wondering if this present is his...Brody like to yank on the branches...I think they look like trouble makers here, huh?Madisyn was teaching Aidan how to jump...she was enjoy the Final Score food as much as us...Madisyn hold Brody...I think he's going to be after her in a few years!Aidan is sick of pictures...Close up of Brody...Who is this Santa guy and what is he going to bring us they're wondering...Watching Atlas play ball...My best attempt at two smiles and two almost 9-monthers looking at the camera

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Lil' Bucks

Well, daddy wasn't successful in getting a deer on opening weekend, but the boys are already hoping to become future hunting buddies of his. Grandma Kathy bought them some cute baseball caps and brought them up on Saturday. One of my players (Britta P.) gave the boys the outfits they have on at my baby shower. They are so adorable, so I wanted to take some pictures of them for her yesterday. Poor Aidan's head is a little big for the leaves marks on his head, so we just kept it on for the pics. I can't get over how animated they have become. Every day brings something new. They're making it very difficult for me to go to work lately!!!

Here's picture #1...all forehead for Aidan as you can see and Brody likes to wear his to the side!
A cute smile from Aidan...Brody still isn't sure about this hat. Brody doesn't mind his hat on backwards...more evidence that he really does smile.In an unrelated shot...Josh ran to the bathroom quick and came back to this the other day.

Friday, November 21, 2008

What? We've got not 2, but 4!!!

No, not four babies...teeth...and they all belong to Brody! Okay, so I was hoping that my post title would catch some attention because not only have I been a terrible blogger, I have also been terrible on keeping up with all my friends blogs. Work has been keeping me super busy, but I hope to try to make more time for this because it really does allow me to "unwind".

Here is Brody's "MAD" face because I haven't been blogging...
I've been meaning to post since the boys 8-month birthday on Monday, but I just couldn't find the time. We are in the process of trying to sleep train the boys. We know that it takes time, but thought maybe if we slept downstairs we wouldn't hear them as easily through the monitor as we can with them sleep in the room connected to ours.

We slept downstairs on the living room floor on Wednesday night. I had every intention of writing this post then, but I was so tired. We shut off the t.v. at 9:15 PM and went to bed. I heard Brody fussing through the monitor. The deal was, we would set the kitchen timer for 10 minutes and turn off the monitor if he was crying we would then go try to soothe him. The timer went off and he was still "fussing" but not crying. I decided to wait it out a little more, but a few minutes later he was crying. I went up to try to pat his chest and soothe him, but it wasn't working. I could tell he was hungry and I was okay with that. I went to make a bottle and on my way to the kitchen I seen that it was wonder he was hungry. It was such a great night. They had both done it and just in time for my season to start.

I was hoping for a repeat performance last night since I was into work by 8:15 and went recruiting and didn't get home until midnight. No such luck last night...I was up more than once trying to calm Brody and they both had 2 ounces around 1:30. I got very little sleep and was up early this morning because we had a staff meeting (we won't even go into that topic). Today was another long day, but the Pointers won and that is a great feeling. 1-0 baby! Looking forward to game #2 tomorrow and hoping the boys STTN tonight since daddy's gone hunting.

Enough about boys are 8 months old. I cannot believe that in four short months they will be celebrating their first birthday. Where in the heck does the time go? I think that is the only thing that crosses my mind each month that passes by. They are growing so fast, and doing new things each day.

Here's the progression of pictures trying to show that the boys can sit up on their own you can see it didn't really work.

Aidan's happy to be in on this close up...
Brody is pissed now though...What? We still have more pictures to take??? UGHHH mom...we're busy!

Aidan - He is so close to crawling that mommy keeps praying every night that he'll stay put a little longer because one thing I imagine being tougher than taking care of multiples is chasing after multiples. He gets up on his knees and rocks back and forth pushing that little tushy out. Even though he can't quite crawl, he's pretty mobile getting around on the floor by rolling over and doing circles on his tummy. He doesn't even have a nub for a tooth, so I'm not sure when that will start, but that can wait too. He is a good little sleeper although, still not STTN. When we put him down in his crib though he grabs his blankie, rolls to his side, and he's so content. It doesn't matter if Brody is wailing or not. He still loves playing with the dog and is a little wobbley when trying to sit up on his own. He's not a picky eater at all and any time he "thinks" you may be feeding him he opens his mouth, and he's trying to learn how to put puffs in his mouth and begs for someone else to put them for him. Josh teases him that he always makes this face like their terrible, but as soon as it's gone he opens up for another one.

Jumping and looking as usual...
Brody - He's had a big few weeks. Tooth #3 poked through on Thursday, Nov. 6th. On Saturday, November 8th he rolled over (back-t0-tummy) for the first time and also sat up for an extended period of time. Tooth #4 poked through just over a week later on Nov. 14th and anytime you want to see them...he's sure to be tight-lipped. Brody is a little pickier when it comes to eating unlike the garbage disposal we call his older brother. He's still very sober looking most of the time, but loves to giggle when he gets tired. He's a big Atlas fan and loves to "pet" him. I'm not sure Atlas considers it a "pet". Brody loves to rock...back and forth, back and forth. It doesn't matter if he's sitting, in his exersaucer or jumperoo, or if someone is helping him stand. It's so rhythemic that it almost puts you in a trance. He has a little bit harder time going down at night, but has improved so much in the last few weeks. He'll cry for a few minutes and then start to rub his blanket to put himself to sleep.

I love this picture of Brody...I got 2 of the 4 teeth and a SMILE!!

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

We hope Santa can find us this Christmas!!

Aidan and Brody are so glad that this will be their last holiday season with so much traveling. They keep telling us they hope Santa will be able to find them. With all that Camo they've been wearing, who knows? Anyways, this post is for the's our Christmas list. Aidan and Brody keep telling us all they really want for Christmas is new car seats to keep them safe because that is all they need...they have all the love any two little boys could ask for!!

Can you see us Santa???
Brody is scared he's not gonna find him...

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Two Ounces...Are You Serious?

Not too much is new here. Aidan and Brody are still struggling to get over that nasty cough, but still seem as happy as can be. This is pretty surprising to Josh and I seeing as though it looks like Brody has another two teeth coming in. The top right one looks like it's almost through.

We had a nice weekend. Saturday the boys went with daddy to work, while I went to practice. Saturday afternoon I made baby food and Uncle Levi came over to help rake some leaves. Sunday morning we cleaned, made more baby food and all four grandparents came for the day. It was so nice to see all of them again...can't wait until we live much closer.

I do have a funny story to share from the weekend. Josh and I decided that it was time to start making our baby food since we fly through it and it's like $1 for a pack of Gerber food. The only veggies the boys really like are squash and sweet potatoes...they LOVE them both. We tried fresh avocado...not big fans. They're getting better with peas and green beans, but it took a while. I baked up some sweet potatoes Sunday morning and were mashing them up when it was lunch time. I gave Josh a small bowl to feed the boys, figuring it wouldn't be enough. Boy was I wrong. I think Aidan was trying to puke himself. He was literally gagging and then would take his fingers and scrap it off his tongue. To top it off, when I turned and asked what the difference was between mommy's sweet potatoes and Gerber's was, he just shook his head NO like crazy. Too funny! Brody didn't seem to mind them though, and the apples and peaches combo was a hit.

Now I love our boys so much - we are so lucky. I mean they are just too cute and we honestly know how blessed we are to have two, healthy beautiful boys...with that being said, let's talk about sleepy time. We understand you haven't been feeling the best and you're getting some new teeth. I know we just had daylight savings time and we've only been on our newly found schedule for about 6 days, but throw your mama and papa a bone here. Last night Brody woke up at 2:30 AM (bedtime is 8:00 PM) to drink 2 oz...daddy took this shift. Aidan woke up at 4:08 AM...cue mommy...he also drank only 2 oz. and I was walking back to bed 4 minutes later. Yes, 4 minutes...I should be thankful that it wasn't 4 hours, are so close boys. It's hard for us to fall back to sleep after getting up. I know you're dying to STTN together...consistently. You can't really need those 2 ounces. Mommy hasn't slept through the night consistently in a very long time...I cannot even remember those days...most likely in my first trimester when the sleepiness symptom hit me like a mack truck. My guess is that the next time they'll do it is on Wednesday night when daddy is home alone with them, and I hope for him it is!

Anyways, enough of on to the reason why we cannot even be least bit upset with them for keeping us up at night...they are so precious. I can't get enough pictures of these's a few from the weekend. They're really into what daddy calls "motor-boating" their lips right now, and decided to do it at supper on Sunday night. Silly boys!

I'm not sure if I like peas...I think there is something more in here...I feel a little sleepy...or that flash is too bright! Aidan in trouble?This look says it all!Brody waving to everyone out there...he claps now too...learned that at the Hall of Fame banquet we think. Mommy and her Packer fans...well, Favre fans too, but no Jets gear yet...Daddy and his boys!A little role reversal for you...Aidan being serious and Brody with the big smile...But, it looks like Aidan couldn't hold it in. And despite my whining about sleep, in case you were wondering, twins do rock!!!

Friday, October 31, 2008

Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween everyone! I hope that everyone has a SPOOKY day!

Things here are going okay. Aidan, Brody and mommy are all sick right now. Aidan and Brody have a bad cough for the last 24 hours, but don't seem too fussy yet. Mom is just flat out wore out. Long days at work and trying to keep up with everything at home has left her emotionally, physically and mentally drained. I knew it would catch up with me soon, but didn't know it would hit me this hard. The boys did good last night though, so I'm starting to feel a little better after an okay night's sleep. Brody STTN and Aidan got up at 3:30 AM and then they slept until 6:30-7:00.

Other than that, not too much is new up here. The boys are awesome...I wish I could spend more time with them. Their favorite "thing" to play with right now is Atlas! They watch him and giggle. They giggle at him when he barks, when he runs, heck when he wags his tail. They are in love with their puppy. I don't know how much he likes them grabbing at his fur, but he hasn't reacted yet...he's been great around them so that is good.

Work has kept me so busy I haven't had much time at night to keep up with my "nesting" and blogging. I hope I can do some catch up this weekend.

Well, enjoy the various "costumes" and have a scary day!

Our little stinker and monkey!
Another look at the pumpkin costumes...Josh's take on George (or Martha) Washington...that cloth diaper is covering up Aidan's new mohawk!Here's our favorite new buddy...
We LOVE our mummy!A lady mommy works with is a Jayhawks fan and bought us these t-shirts last weekend. We think they look so grown up in these pictures. Where did our tiny 4 & 5 pounders go?
Even caught Brody in a smile...All grown BIG boys!