Thursday, November 1, 2007

Nursery Stuff...Need Help Deciding...

Well, we're starting to tackle some of the bigger stuff now knowing that I could go early. We have ordered our bedding, but it is on backorder until the middle of December. Josh is a HUGE paisley fan, so I really had him on board for this, which was nice. We couldn't find any frog bedding we liked, so we nixed the Packer/Lambeau Leap idea. Any ideas for wall color?? Also, if anyone sews, we'd like to make curtains and a closet door curtain - let me know!

We're having the most trouble choosing the furniture. We decided to go with a coffee or espresso color for the furniture. Any votes on which of these to choose?

With this set we could go with the combo chest and the 5-in-1 crib. With the bottom set we would go with the crib and the dresser. Vote today - give me some help. I can't make up my mind about anything anymore!!

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Jenny said...

They are both so cute. I personally never used our changing table/pad, but lots of people love them! You will be happy with either!