Monday, January 28, 2008

Week #28 Update

Okay, so I'm a bit late at posting this, but I am going to try to do a weekly update from here on out just so I have something to look back on when all of this is said and done. For the most part I am still feeling great. I am so blessed for having two beautiful babies growing inside, it seems silly to be complaining about anything, but there are a few things I could do without. I am having a hard time sleeping through the night. There just isn't a comfortable position, but my snoogle pillow has helped a lot. My pelvic bone has been shifting causing awful pain after sitting or laying for longer periods of time. It makes it really difficult to walk and it's when you really get to see my waddle. The babies are moving around like crazy and I feel like a human punching bag. I love it!! It's so awesome to feeling them moving around. When we went to see Dr. Jazz on Jan. 17th we were disappointed to find out that baby A is now breech and baby B is head down. We're praying that baby A will find his/her way again. So really the pain with walking and being tired due to lack of sleep are really all I'm facing right now, so I'm pretty happy with that.

Speaking of "lack of sleep" that leads me to my next tangent. Now remember, I am a hormonal, pregnant woman, but I really cannot believe some of the things that people will say to you. I thought at first it was bad with all of the "OMG twins!! How will you ever be able to handle two?" Or "better you than me. I would be so freaked out if I found out I was having twins." Okay, so I'm not sure if people don't think before they talk or just think that is something nice to say to someone expecting twins, but it's not. Again, I am BLESSED to be carrying two babies, do I know it will be hard, yes? Do I understand that my lack of sleep is only going to get worse? Definitely, but thanks for pointing out the obvious. Maybe that's why some people's comments are so annoything because they state the obvious.

So anyways, that's my update - sorry for the tangent. I'll post my 28 week picture soon. We are looking forward to our visit to Lynn and the birthing center on Thursday and praying for a good report. Keep your fingers crossed for us - we're praying that I stay off bedrest and have no complications.

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