Monday, January 21, 2008

A Wonderful Shower

I had my first baby shower this weekend and it was wonderful. It was great to see all of my college friends again and some of their moms. Amanda and Shirley did a great job hosting and I appreciated everything they did. Of course we got lots of great stuff (thanks everyone)! Josh and I wouldn't be ready for these two bundles of joy without the generosity of all of you. We really appreciate it!!! Thanks again for coming all the way to our old stomping ground!! It's not the same up here without you guys!!

Madisyn and I just hanging out (what did I do to her skirt???)

Brett Favre jersey onesies from Tara and her mom...hope he's around for another year for the twins and I to enjoy!! It was sad to see the season end yesterday. :o(

UWSP onesies my mom had them. There's a National Champs one too - how approprtiate! What great memories!! (Sorry the pic is dark)
Mom and I - man am I HUGE!!!
And the girls! It was so great to see everyone again for alumni weekend and the shower! Hope to see you all soon! Can you guess how many in this pic are expecting??

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Jenny said...

I guess... 4!? What's the answer?