Thursday, July 24, 2008

We're 4 Months Already!

I can't believe the boys are four months already. I'm sure that I'll be saying that a lot. The doctor's office screwed up in scheduling their four month appointment, so we won't find out weights and stuff until next Thursday (they'll be more like 4.5 months). Let's see what can I say about my boys at four months?

Aidan - He's still my little peanut, but catching his brother quickly. He no longer deserves the title of Dragon because his temperment has calmed way down. He was the first to roll and although he started behind Brody with head control, he does it better now. He still likes to be swaddled still and takes a Nuk almost anytime. He loves to hold is new "lovie" blanket from the Staniaks.

Brody - He's the "BIG", big little brother. He loves to fight the swaddle and has stopped sleeping through the night because of it. He's all smiles and was my first to giggle, although we've only heard that twice now. He still has a herniated belly button, and defintely a double chin. He would much rather suck on his fist than a Nuk and can shake a rattle pretty well now. He seems very content to watch his brother roll over, but loves to grab onto things, especially his new lovie, like his brother.

One of the very few pictures of me with both boys (I look like crap, but at least it's a pic)Doesn't it look like they love each other?
Brody with his "lovie" from The Staniaks...he always looks so surprised!
Aidan loves his too!
It seems like lately they like holding hands.

They both are saying "Hello, everyone!"

Aidan's challenging Brody to hold his head up for the camera.


Doubly Blessed said...

I just have to say your boys are adorable! My twins hold hands like that when they lay together too! :)

Harris Boys said...

happy 4 months boys...I love the pic of you three...I think its great....seeing pics of your boys brings back so many good memories...enjoy them being little, they really grow up WAY TOO FAST...sniff, sniff