Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Two Ounces...Are You Serious?

Not too much is new here. Aidan and Brody are still struggling to get over that nasty cough, but still seem as happy as can be. This is pretty surprising to Josh and I seeing as though it looks like Brody has another two teeth coming in. The top right one looks like it's almost through.

We had a nice weekend. Saturday the boys went with daddy to work, while I went to practice. Saturday afternoon I made baby food and Uncle Levi came over to help rake some leaves. Sunday morning we cleaned, made more baby food and all four grandparents came for the day. It was so nice to see all of them again...can't wait until we live much closer.

I do have a funny story to share from the weekend. Josh and I decided that it was time to start making our baby food since we fly through it and it's like $1 for a pack of Gerber food. The only veggies the boys really like are squash and sweet potatoes...they LOVE them both. We tried fresh avocado...not big fans. They're getting better with peas and green beans, but it took a while. I baked up some sweet potatoes Sunday morning and were mashing them up when it was lunch time. I gave Josh a small bowl to feed the boys, figuring it wouldn't be enough. Boy was I wrong. I think Aidan was trying to puke himself. He was literally gagging and then would take his fingers and scrap it off his tongue. To top it off, when I turned and asked what the difference was between mommy's sweet potatoes and Gerber's was, he just shook his head NO like crazy. Too funny! Brody didn't seem to mind them though, and the apples and peaches combo was a hit.

Now I love our boys so much - we are so lucky. I mean they are just too cute and we honestly know how blessed we are to have two, healthy beautiful boys...with that being said, let's talk about sleepy time. We understand you haven't been feeling the best and you're getting some new teeth. I know we just had daylight savings time and we've only been on our newly found schedule for about 6 days, but throw your mama and papa a bone here. Last night Brody woke up at 2:30 AM (bedtime is 8:00 PM) to drink 2 oz...daddy took this shift. Aidan woke up at 4:08 AM...cue mommy...he also drank only 2 oz. and I was walking back to bed 4 minutes later. Yes, 4 minutes...I should be thankful that it wasn't 4 hours, but...you are so close boys. It's hard for us to fall back to sleep after getting up. I know you're dying to STTN together...consistently. You can't really need those 2 ounces. Mommy hasn't slept through the night consistently in a very long time...I cannot even remember those days...most likely in my first trimester when the sleepiness symptom hit me like a mack truck. My guess is that the next time they'll do it is on Wednesday night when daddy is home alone with them, and I hope for him it is!

Anyways, enough of that...now on to the reason why we cannot even be least bit upset with them for keeping us up at night...they are so precious. I can't get enough pictures of these two...here's a few from the weekend. They're really into what daddy calls "motor-boating" their lips right now, and decided to do it at supper on Sunday night. Silly boys!

I'm not sure if I like peas...I think there is something more in here...I feel a little sleepy...or that flash is too bright!Woah...is Aidan in trouble?This look says it all!Brody waving to everyone out there...he claps now too...learned that at the Hall of Fame banquet we think. Mommy and her Packer fans...well, Favre fans too, but no Jets gear yet...Daddy and his boys!A little role reversal for you...Aidan being serious and Brody with the big smile...But, it looks like Aidan couldn't hold it in. And despite my whining about sleep, in case you were wondering, twins do rock!!!


monica said...

Veyr cute!!

SaraBelle said...

Oh my gosh-- they are getting so big! Love the NFL gear! And sorry about sick boys, teething & no STTN! Hopefully they turn the corner soon!! ;-)

BuckeyeBundle said...

What a fun post. Except for the lack of sleep part! That totally stinks! The pictures are so cute!

rachael said...

loving the new pictures...i cannot believe they are eating food already!

Linda said...

Oh my, they are getting SO big! I can't believe how grown up they are in those pictures. I'm impressed you're making your own baby food. go you!!!!

Wendy said...

love you so big. Just passing that on <3