Friday, November 21, 2008

What? We've got not 2, but 4!!!

No, not four babies...teeth...and they all belong to Brody! Okay, so I was hoping that my post title would catch some attention because not only have I been a terrible blogger, I have also been terrible on keeping up with all my friends blogs. Work has been keeping me super busy, but I hope to try to make more time for this because it really does allow me to "unwind".

Here is Brody's "MAD" face because I haven't been blogging...
I've been meaning to post since the boys 8-month birthday on Monday, but I just couldn't find the time. We are in the process of trying to sleep train the boys. We know that it takes time, but thought maybe if we slept downstairs we wouldn't hear them as easily through the monitor as we can with them sleep in the room connected to ours.

We slept downstairs on the living room floor on Wednesday night. I had every intention of writing this post then, but I was so tired. We shut off the t.v. at 9:15 PM and went to bed. I heard Brody fussing through the monitor. The deal was, we would set the kitchen timer for 10 minutes and turn off the monitor if he was crying we would then go try to soothe him. The timer went off and he was still "fussing" but not crying. I decided to wait it out a little more, but a few minutes later he was crying. I went up to try to pat his chest and soothe him, but it wasn't working. I could tell he was hungry and I was okay with that. I went to make a bottle and on my way to the kitchen I seen that it was wonder he was hungry. It was such a great night. They had both done it and just in time for my season to start.

I was hoping for a repeat performance last night since I was into work by 8:15 and went recruiting and didn't get home until midnight. No such luck last night...I was up more than once trying to calm Brody and they both had 2 ounces around 1:30. I got very little sleep and was up early this morning because we had a staff meeting (we won't even go into that topic). Today was another long day, but the Pointers won and that is a great feeling. 1-0 baby! Looking forward to game #2 tomorrow and hoping the boys STTN tonight since daddy's gone hunting.

Enough about boys are 8 months old. I cannot believe that in four short months they will be celebrating their first birthday. Where in the heck does the time go? I think that is the only thing that crosses my mind each month that passes by. They are growing so fast, and doing new things each day.

Here's the progression of pictures trying to show that the boys can sit up on their own you can see it didn't really work.

Aidan's happy to be in on this close up...
Brody is pissed now though...What? We still have more pictures to take??? UGHHH mom...we're busy!

Aidan - He is so close to crawling that mommy keeps praying every night that he'll stay put a little longer because one thing I imagine being tougher than taking care of multiples is chasing after multiples. He gets up on his knees and rocks back and forth pushing that little tushy out. Even though he can't quite crawl, he's pretty mobile getting around on the floor by rolling over and doing circles on his tummy. He doesn't even have a nub for a tooth, so I'm not sure when that will start, but that can wait too. He is a good little sleeper although, still not STTN. When we put him down in his crib though he grabs his blankie, rolls to his side, and he's so content. It doesn't matter if Brody is wailing or not. He still loves playing with the dog and is a little wobbley when trying to sit up on his own. He's not a picky eater at all and any time he "thinks" you may be feeding him he opens his mouth, and he's trying to learn how to put puffs in his mouth and begs for someone else to put them for him. Josh teases him that he always makes this face like their terrible, but as soon as it's gone he opens up for another one.

Jumping and looking as usual...
Brody - He's had a big few weeks. Tooth #3 poked through on Thursday, Nov. 6th. On Saturday, November 8th he rolled over (back-t0-tummy) for the first time and also sat up for an extended period of time. Tooth #4 poked through just over a week later on Nov. 14th and anytime you want to see them...he's sure to be tight-lipped. Brody is a little pickier when it comes to eating unlike the garbage disposal we call his older brother. He's still very sober looking most of the time, but loves to giggle when he gets tired. He's a big Atlas fan and loves to "pet" him. I'm not sure Atlas considers it a "pet". Brody loves to rock...back and forth, back and forth. It doesn't matter if he's sitting, in his exersaucer or jumperoo, or if someone is helping him stand. It's so rhythemic that it almost puts you in a trance. He has a little bit harder time going down at night, but has improved so much in the last few weeks. He'll cry for a few minutes and then start to rub his blanket to put himself to sleep.

I love this picture of Brody...I got 2 of the 4 teeth and a SMILE!!


Brian and Amie said...

Cute pics. Madisyn and I were just catching up on 'AidenBodee'as she says. Hope we can see you guys soon!!

rachael said...

i can't believe all those teeth...mine still only have 4 each. they are getting so big, and seriously more adorable than ever! hope all is well!

tbonegrl said...

They are precious! Congrats on all the teeth, and sitting up. I love the pics of them trying to sit...looks just like when I try to wrangle my two for pics!

Sara said...

Aw...loved catching up on what is going on with them. I love the pictures of the mad faces. Thank you for your sweet words on my blog :-)