Thursday, December 11, 2008

All May Not Be Silent...But All Is Bright!

Just a few pictures for your today. I don't have time for anything else! I hope all is well with everyone. We won again last night (on a last second shot). We are now 7-1. We're off to a great start. We got home late last night, I have to go recruiting tonight and on the road again tomorrow morning for a long road trip and another late night. I miss these little guys. I cannot wait until things quiet down a little bit for me. One week people, one week!!!!

All smiles...
Brody has the lights all figured out...Aidan is intrigued too!Although this picture is dark...we love the overall look. Look at those two presents! Santa was good to us this year!Same picture...a little lighter.


brad and nichole junck said...

Look at those sweet babies. I love these pictures. Hugs to you that this next week flies by!!! Congrats on the awesome start of the season!!

rachael said...

i agree, i hope this next week flies by for you! congrats on a good start to the season! and of course, i love those sweet little guys of yours.