Tuesday, March 3, 2009

NCAA Bound

For the second consecutive year, the UWSP Pointers are NCAA bound! I am so excited. This year has been so much fun, I cannot even express into words what a ride it has been. Don't get me wrong, it was fun last year too, but I was almost 34 weeks pregnant with Aidan and Brody at this time, so it was less enjoyable...especially when I couldn't travel. We won the WIAC Championship, the WIAC Tournament Championship and now we are hosting the first and second round of the NCAAs this weekend. We have three great opponents coming into Berg and hopefully we'll have the place rocking like it was in 2002. This truly is a special team and I hope we have six more games and three more weeks of fun. Here are some pictures of the WIAC tournament championship.

The final score...yes it was a defensive battle... The team showing the crowd their new trophy... Hard to see, but Hawks got one of me and the big Shirl... Cutting down the nets...I hope to do this again soon... Brody and his curls missed mommy...The whole family happy after a win... Grandapa and Aidan
Daddy and Aidan Webber looks like she's got something funny to say...Some alum made the trip...thanks Hoota, Scharts and Hawks (taking the pics)


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Congrats on such a successful season. I hope it continues!

ps...you can totally do the video montage for the boys' 1st b-day. It's SUPER easy. Just pull from the millions of photos I know you already have. Do it, do it! ...not like you aren't busy enough...:)