Thursday, February 28, 2008

Update - 33 weeks, 2 days

It's been a while since I've posted, which I really need to get better at, but things have been super busy here. With basketball, graduate classes, graduate exam next week and pregnancy its hard to find the time. I have a belly picture from a few weeks ago to post, but I'm a little lazy. Plus the belly is starting to get pretty big, so I'm not sure I really want to share that anymore.

Well, it seems like these babies might be more ready to meet everyone than we are hoping. I went in to meet with Lynn, our midwife, yesterday with lots of questions to ask her particularly about our upcoming traveling plans for basketball. First I did the norm...peed in a cup, got weighed (no I am not sharing), listened to the heartbeats and all was great. Lynn asked me about traveling and I told her I would be going to Whitewater tonight and possibly Eau Claire on Saturday. With the NCAA's next weekend its a good possibility that we could have to go out of the state, but that's thinking way ahead of the game. So she thought she was okay with in-state travel, but said no to anything out-of-state. No big deal...I can try to handle that. Well, she decides to do an internal check of the cervix and that's where the bad news comes. My cervix has thinned out considerably in the last two weeks and I am now 2 cm dialated. So with that came the no travel - I'm terribly upset about this and not sure how I will handle being away from the team. I had to go over to L&D to get a steroid shot for the babies' lung development in case they come early and they told me if the cramping continued I should come it to get hooked up to the monitors. We scheduled an appointment for my steroid shot today and I was out.

Well, I got home and realized that I was bleeding and may have lost my mucous plug - still not sure. We went back in this morning and had another shot and got hooked up to the monitors. The babies both still looked great and there was a little uterus irritability, but nothing they were too concerned about. I got Lynn came over to check me again and said we're still at the same, but that Baby A's head is "right there", so hopefully the little bugger will move up out of the pelvis again to relieve some pressure.

I'll try to keep this updated and hopefully these babies can make it to 35 weeks. Keep us in your thoughts! I hope all is well with everyone else! And GO POINTERS!!!

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