Saturday, March 8, 2008

34 Weeks, 4 Days - Kissing Butt!

Today is definitely a sad day as I sit here and type this update. The UWSP Women's Basketball season came to a disappointing end last night on our home court in the first round of the NCAA tournament. What a rough week, first Brett Favre and now this!!! It was hard to swallow that we lost to a team that is not as talented as us, but there's nothing we can do now. We had a great year and its definitely going to be sad to see our six seniors go. I think the only thing that has helped keep me in an okay frame-of-mind with this loss, is the quick approaching birth of the twins. I cannot believe we made it to 34.5 weeks. I am so thankful, and now that our season is over, I am ready for these twins to make their debut any time.

We went to see Dr. Jazz this week and he said that both babies are measuring at 5 pounds and look great. He said that I just need to get some contractions going this week because they look ready to go. My real goal throughout this pregnancy was to make it through our season, which I have now, so please say your prayers. Ten pounds of baby is a lot to be carrying around - especially with them growing every day. Baby A is head down and ready, but Baby B is transverse right now. It looks like we're looking at a c-section right now, but a girl can always hope! I am going to post a few pics of my beautiful babes. It's a little hard to see because they're in black and white and not as high quality but I think we got a money shot.
Here is Baby A - head down and ready to go.

Here is Baby B - guess what s/he is kissing? That's right - Baby A's butt!!

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