Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Just Gut-Wrenching

So my biggest nightmare happened today. I still cannot even wrap my head around it. I went out to get Brody some frozen breast milk out of the deep freezer in the garage to find the door not completely closed and 500+ ounces (I just counted) of hard earned breast milk ruined. I am so sad. Pumping was so hard for me and for this to happen it just makes me sick to my stomach. It makes the decision to stop pumping so final. Brody had another 3 weeks to a month worth of milk left.

On a lighter note I also stole yesterdy. Yep that's right...I stole a curling iron from Shopko. Nice, huh. The boys were great. I went into work and worked for about an hour and a half. I fed them and then we went to run errands. We parked at the post office, so we could walk around downtown and do our errands. Well, I threw all of my Shopko purchases underneath the stroller and missed the curling iron. When I got back to the car with crying boys, I had to drive back to Shopko, unload them again and go pay for my curling iron. Wouldn't that have made a nice story in the local paper..."UWSP Basketball Coach and Mother of Twins Steals a $16 Curling Iron." I mean we're on a tight budget, but not that tight.

I guess if I was going to be stealing anything...it should be formula now. :o(

The only thing that makes me better on a day like today is a fun shopping trip and that's not an option...i.e. see tight budget above and poor body image.

Hope everyone else's day is better. I hope to get back on here and post some great pics a little later.


tbonegrl said...


I lost about 500 oz in the beginning too when the circuit tripped and the freezer was off for a while. I cried so hard.

Harris Boys said...

OMG you poor thing. that is really upsetting. coming from a mom that had a hard time pumping and bfing I understand how upset you are!! so sorry!!

Jenny said...

The milk thing.... so terribly sad. I can only imagine how frustrating! Ugh! Good thing for formula.

As for the curling iron, you are one good person. If I had them in the car and it was an accident, I would have left! I am an honest person, but anyone would understand the mistake. You rock.