Thursday, June 12, 2008


These are two very important abbreviations to me and I cannot believe I have not posted about them before now. First of all let's talk about SATC. Let me just say, I AM a die hard fan. I have all the seasons after getting addicted to the show in 2004. I remember the first weekend I ever saw an episode (before it was on syndication all the time). Josh had Wag's bachelor party back in Lancaster and I was going to stay in "Dump-Port" for the weekend. I was nervous for me to stay alone in the area we lived in and had no idea what I was going to do all weekend. Someone said rent the first season of SATC. Well, it was all downhill from there. I even had to go to buy a season because I got so addicted that when Blockbuster didn't have a season, I couldn't wait until it got checked back in. I pretty much stayed up all Friday and Saturday night until the sun came up at like 4:00 am watching episodes because of all the action in the ally in our backyard. Well, that week when Josh came home every day he would come home from school I would be in bed continuing to watch episodes. Anyways, I'm an addict and think I even got some of my friends addicted. I went to see the movie opening night with Scharts and Hoota. We had such a great time. We went out for some yummy sushi and Hibachi first and then we headed out to the movie. Apparently I wasn't serious enough about my attire now that I'm a mom because there were many women dressed in fancy dresses and stilettos and I had jeans and a coaching jacket on with NO makeup - it was a busy day with the boys. We had a great time though and I did love the movie. It made me so greatful for all of the great relationships I have with my family and friends. Even if I don't ever make more money and get the house of my dreams I have a wonderful husband and two beautiful boys - I swear they get cuter every day.

Hoota and I with our sushi...I can't do chopsticks!

The 3 of us with our cosmos (well, Scharts is just having cranberry)

On to the next important topic...STTN! Brody slept through the night from 9:30 until 6:00 on Thursday, June 5th. Aidan joined him on Saturday night sleeping from 10:30 until 5:00. That was Aidan's only night so far, but Brody has done it six out of the last seven nights. Its been awesome. Now we just need Aidan to catch up, but I don't think he's far behind. My boys are so awesome! ;o)


brad and nichole junck said...

I figured out the SATC before I even read the post. I love that show and spent endless days watching all seasons a few summers back. I must admit though that I haven't seen the movie yet. Things have just been crazy around here. I'm so glad that the babes are starting to sleep through the night. It just makes such a difference in the day of a sleep deprieved mom.

Souza Sisters said...

SATC si my favorite show of all time!! I watch the first season and was addcited like you!! I got the second seaon from Netflix and then just ordered the whole series for myself... I think I have watched it all the way through like 4 times... Loved the movie too:) Woo hoo for the boys STTN!! Isn't it a great feeling??

Sara said...

Yay for STTN!!