Saturday, September 13, 2008

The Cadillac!

In case you're looking for the perfect double stroller, I think I've found it. We recently won the Bumbleride Indie Twin off of ebay and absolutely love it. It has so many great features, and very few cons. The one disappointment was probably the sunshades...they're a little small and don't have great coverage for the boys right now (since they're still so small), but being in Wisconsin and going into fall I don't think that will be much of a problem for us. Some of our favorite things about it are: parent cup holder, add-on snack trays for the boys, super cushy seats, foot muffs for the cold, big basket underneath, adjustable push bar, five-point harness, carseat compatible, looks nice and it's magical. Yep that's right, magical. The boys sleep every time we go for a ride.

See...I told you it was magic!


Harris Boys said...

super cute stroller and I love the color :) I always wanted a side by side, but now we barely use our duoglider so I can not justify buying one. Great fine..the boys look so comfortable :)

SaraBelle said...

Oh, I'm so so so so so jealous!!! I love it -- I love the color and how stylish it is! What a great find! I'll have to get shopping tips from you. ;-)

Jennifer said...

EEEK, I can't wait to get my Bumbleride