Monday, February 23, 2009

A Million Things

Well, there are a million things that I should be doing, not to mention posting about. My little lucky charms are almost one! That's right...they hit the 11 month mark on February 17th. I know...I don't even have their 10 month pictures posted yet. That leads me to the other million things I should be doing like finding a job, selling our house, laundry, cleaning, focusing on basketball. I could go on and on.

Most of my down time I focus on being so thankful for my healthy little guys. There are growing up so fast. I just can't get over it. I look at them each day and they're doing something that amazes me. ALso have to report that they are FINALLY sleeping through the night. They have been consistently for a few weeks now. Thank the Lord! Although I thought I would have so much more energy when this happened, I don't. Also, they can both hold their own bottles. Just a few weeks away from getting rid of them, but oh well. It still saves us time here and there.

Aidan - Just started pulling himself up on things yesterday (2/22/09). The poor little guy was standing by the ottoman for like 10 minutes before he began shaking, I don't think he knew how to get down. He is such a good little eater, even though he only has two teeth still. He cleans his tray (and Brody's) almost every time. I think he's getting bored of what he's eating though, he was really eying up my "hangover hamburger" yesterday. He can say "ma-ma" and "da-da", has been able to for months actually, but now he is finally starting to associate it with us, so I can count it now. He is a great napper and has the most precious smile. He loves the camera, always posing for pictures. He learned how to clap, after his brother taught him about two weeks ago.

Brody - He is a speed walker when using the furniture now. He's been pulling up for a month and a half or so. His teeth count is still at 8, but it looks like #9 is on it's way shortly. He loves to bite things...including mom, dad or brother. It's terrible. He is also into this head butting mode and head butts Atlas quite often. Speaking of Atlas, Brody LOVES to feed him food off his tray. It is so funny. One for Atlas, one for Brody. Too cute. He's starting to becomre more attached to mom and dad. He will cry when we put him down or if he sees us in the room. He's our little snuggler and loves to just sit with us and cuddle. He is also learning to hug...adorable! He also say "ma-ma" and "da-da" although I think his first real word is going to be Atlas...his buddy. He HATES getting his clothes or diaper changed right now. Definitely part of the day that I don't look forward to as he usually screams and cries the entire time. Hopefully that will pass. He is a great clapper and even seems to clap at appropriate times, like when the Pointers score a basket. He almost has waving down too.

Now a few pictures of my cuties!

A photo from our 10-month shoot...Definitely captures their personalitiesHmmm...What's in the fridge??Bath laughs...They LOVE bathtime!!!
Now for some 11-month pictures...It's hard to get them to sit still for a picture these days...A close up of Aidan...Curly-haired Brody...Best Buds...Showing off one of their new tricks...clapping...Brody is anyways...JACKPOT! They dumped the box of Cheerios out EVERYWHERE on Saturday morning. Aidan was shoveling them in his mouth!


monica said...

Love the Cherrios picture! Happy 11 months boys. One Year is right around the corner!!

BuckeyeBundle said...

Oh so fun! Sounds like they are keeping you busy! Isn't it so great to watch them learn? Before you know it they'll be walking. I can't believe our kiddos are turning ONE soon! Have a great week!

Linda said...

I can't believe they're almost a YEAR old!!!! I'm SO happy to hear that they're finally sttn. I bet you're thrilled. love the cheerios pic!

Amber and Matt said...

loving the pic of the cheerios! Caught red-handed!

Valerie said...

I love the pics!!! And I'm jealous of them STTN.

Becky said...

That is a very fun stage. I loved when they first started clapping!