Friday, May 9, 2008

Can the Cow Survive?

Well, it's almost been eight weeks (next Monday) since the boys have been born and I have been BFing (first three weeks) and exclusively pumping for them. I'm producing plenty of milk for them both each day and enough to keep adding to our freezer stash, but...I'm starting to wear thin. If I make it to two months and I have twins does that count as four? We figued today that if formula would cost us $125 a month and I pump on average 124 hours a month, I'm only getting paid $1/hour. That's definitely a farmer's wage if I've ever heard one. It wouldn't be so bad, but its started to take me forever to empty...the pump usually shuts off on me. If I could cut out pumping at night I think that would help too, but where in the world will I find extra time in the day taking care of these two cuties? Not to mention it seems whenever I get all hooked up and ready to go one of them will start crying. Okay, rant over. I'm taking it day by day, and I guess I'll just have to accept what happens and try to swallow the idea that I am not a failure if I can't keep up with trying to take care of my beautiful boys and myself.

On a brighter note, Tara and Kurt came to visit tonight. It was nice. Tara even helped me give Aidan a bath. I'm not sure when I'll post next, we're off to home for the weekend and my first Mother's Day!

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Sara said...

Awww...hang in there mama. You are doing a great job! I love #2 hairstyle.