Wednesday, May 21, 2008

The Grades Are In...

Our weekend was an A+. It all started on Friday when I got a call from Fred Hebert, the Dean of HESA at UWSP. He was working on writing the position description for the new softball coach when he got an idea. He called to ask if I would want to forgo my duties as asst. sports information director and start teaching some courses within HESA. I jumped at the opportunity. I am so excited I just can't believe it.

On Saturday morning (2 months...YEA!)the boys and I went garage saling. We bought a double bike trailer so I'm really excited to take the boys biking sometime soon. A little later Grandma Kathy and Great-Aunt Sharon came up to watch the boys for us. It was so nice of them...especially when Aidan was fussy. I really needed a break. They took care of the boys all day so I could go get my graduation gift to myself, go golfing with Jess and Adam and out to dinner. We had a blast. I missed the boys, but it was so nice to get some time away and interact with adults.

Their 2 month picture with Tigger (thanks for the idea Tara C.)

My boys...had to capture Aidan's true colors

My Graduation Gift (on the inside of my right heel)

The Babysitters (thank you so much guys!!!!)

Sunday was graduation day. I'm so glad to finally have my masters degree completed. The ceremony was okay, but we got rained on a little bit, so as soon as I got my diploma I met Josh, the boys and my parents and we headed back to the house for a cookout. A few peeps stopped by, but it was pretty low key and that's okay because I was so wiped out from the great weekend. I am definitely glad that I'm done with was so hard to keep up on with the boys. Now maybe I can start working on Thank Yous. For all of you who have sent or given wonderful gifts...they're coming...I PROMISE, just a little later than I had hoped. Sorry!

Mom and her boys (with their cute Pooh outfits from Grandma Kathy)

Our Family

My Parents

Other than that things here are okay. My supply ended up taking a huge dip and the boys have been really challenging lately. I decided it was best for us that I stop pumping. It was such a hard decision, but I already have much more time with my boys, which is a good thing because they've been demanding lately. Drying up was one of the most painful things I've ever gone through...ouch!!! They still are rock hard, so hopefully in a few days things will start to go back to normal a little bit.

Not sure why the boys are going through a fussy spell. I wish I did. I'll seriously get one calmed down and the other will start wailing, but if I pick him up then the other will start...its really a terrible cycle that's starting wear on nerves are shot. Hopefully it will be short lived and we can start having better days around here because I know that mommy really needs a stretch of a few good ones. I'll update the blog again soon as the boys go in for their 2 month appointment tomorrow...not looking forward to the shots.

A picture of one of my three shelves of my stash...I'm so proud

My boys all napping together

A great pic of Aidan relaxing on the couch


the schirano triplets said...

congratulations! it sounds like you had a wonderful weekend and some much needed fun time :) i have to tell you that i adore the last picture of aidan, it is fantastic! happy 2 months boys!

Amanda said...

Congratulations! I am so jealous of your freezer stash. I am still not making enough to have any kind of back-up (and I have to supplement). I am thinking of quitting pumping and just giving formula, but my son LOVES to breast-feed, I think he would be a miserable baby for a week or two. I agree with you though- pumping takes up hours of my day!

Sara said...

Love all the pictures! I am glad you were able to get out of the house for a little bit. Congrats on your new position at work!!

Trina said...

Holy cow, you have been a busy lady. Congrats on everything...the masters, the freezer stash (impressive), the new tattoo, raising 2 adorable babies. Hope you have a great weekend!