Thursday, May 15, 2008

Mother's Day, A Birthday, Oh My!

Well, we have all had a good week so far. My first Mother's Day was nice. We didn't really do much, but that's okay. I was hoping to go out for brunch, but that kind of feel through, so I just spent some time with my boys and my awesome husband. As for my gift...well, there's a funny story behind that. With my coaching responsibilities we knew that we had to have our baby in the spring, so it was planned that way...then I said we'll have all of our babies in April so my Mother's ring is all thinking, huh? Well, when we found out that I was actually due with twins on April 16th I thought that was a perfect excuse for the diamond earrings that I've been begging Josh for (one for each ear). The boys had different ideas in mind and showed up a month early, so its Aquamarine for me. Well, on Saturday Josh said that the boys had something for me and I saw two small boxes wrapped on thier carseats. He quickly switched them and said "Aidan really wants to give you this one." Funny sweetie!! I opened the first box and found one auquamarine and diamond earring and obviously the second box had the next one. Josh says they're my diamond earrings with a little aquamarine, but its really the other way around...and VERY beautiful!

Josh's birthday was on Tuesday...the big 2-8. His day was nice, but the boys decided to be extra fussy that night. We didn't even get to enjoy the yummy steaks he grilled up. Levi and Adam came over for a beer later, which was nice and relaxing and once we put a little Sunset Wheat in the boy's bottles they went right to sleep...only kidding.

Other than that not too much to report. Tara and Kurt came up last Friday which I mentioned in a previous post. Today is my big makeover day...stay tuned for pictures. Saturday Grandma Kathy and Great Aunt Sharon are coming up to watch the boys and Josh and I are going to enjoy some much needed alone time...I think we're going to go golfing. That should be interesting since I haven't golfed in a couple years. On Sunday I graduate...I can't believe its almost here. I better finish up that last about a procrastinator. If anyone is looking for something to do, I'm throwing myself (with the help of my mom and dad) a party that afternoon. ;o)

Oh and an update on the pumping. I've gone down to 3-4 pumps a day, but currently am still getting 55 oz. a day which is enough to keep up with the boys' needs and put 10 oz. in the freezer. We'll see how long that lasts, but the 3-4 a day is definitely manageable for me with the boys schedules, so I might stick it out until the end of June if my supply stays up.

Here's a few pics from recently. Enjoy and happy Thursday!!

Tara and Kurt with the boys

Tara calming Aidan down

Our original "Baby"...can't forget about Atlas. He loves that its SPRING!!

Brody working on tummy time...look at those eyes!

Aidan lounging in his "recliner"...he's just cashed!

Daddy was "babysitting" while I was working on homework...looks like a nap to me!

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the schirano triplets said...

i can't wait to see the new do!

happy mothers day to you (a little belated) and happy bday to josh!