Monday, October 27, 2008

Fun Stuff

We had a nice anniversary. Josh made me dinner and bought some wine and champagne for us to drink. He put the champagne on ice a little bit before it was the boys bedtime. Let's just say the ice turned to water and the whole celebratory mood fizzled, but it was a great gesture. We'll save it for some night the boys do go down good for us.

On Friday night, we went to Chili's for dinner - YUMMY! We took the boys and they were so good. It was so nice to actually get out of the house and do something. It's been a while - well a couple of weeks anyway. We really enjoyed ourselves and the other diners enjoyed cooing and talking to the boys.

Other than that, the weekend was pretty low key. We still haven't had a repeat performance of both boys STTN...I think we will all be better off once that starts on a more consistent basis.

Last night the boys shared their first bath together. A friend from our Multiples board on The Nest shared the idea of putting them in a clothes basket if they can't quite sit up on their own yet. It worked pretty good...we just need a bigger clothes basket.
Of course...Brody is inspecting the rubber time for pictures, MA!

Here's Aidan hard at work burning off his morning formula. I just love watching him in this thing. I have to catch him on video when he starts to jump himself to sleep. It is too funny.

Brody is always examining every toy on that exersaucer. I am shocked he doesn't have them all figured out by now, but it's still plenty of fun for him multiple times a day. He's not a jumper, but he does know his name pretty well now.


rachael said...

love the bathtub pictures, so cute!

Sara said...

Wasn't the basket a great idea? I can't wait to try it myself. And they are so cute in their jumper and exersaucer. I would love to see a video of when he falls asleep.

brad and nichole junck said...

Oh Megan I don't know how it is possible but the two of them just keep getting more and more adorable. Thanks for sharing and bringing a smile to our faces!!!

Pam said...

dang, megan, those boys are so freaking cute!

if they made a bigger laundry basket, i might try it myself...but i think it'd have to be as big as the bathtub. hmmm...