Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Hall of Fame Induction - Part I - Friday Night

Well, what a weekend we had. It was honestly one of the best weekends of my life...such a great time and so good to see all of my teammates from the 2002 Div. III National Championship Team. I have so many pictures from the weekend I decided I needed to do a three-part post. Check back for more pictures!! I'll start with some good ones I captured on Friday night. Some of us were able to get together for food, drinks and for sure two terrible comedians! Oh well.

The boys...three husbands and two soon-t0-be Mr. National Champions...Lucky boys!
Me, Angie (#1 fan) and TaraAll of us....
Kramer (Andrea), Hawkins (Diane) and Granger (Jessica) I need to start calling you guys by your first names!And onto the Final Score...our "Heaven" back in the good 'ole days! The soon to be Mrs. K and her Maid-of-Honor, Di! Aww...somebody loves me!
I almost forgot to put our pic with Landon in here...the guy from the Real World was our Parade Marshall for Homecoming!

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rachael said...

i am so glad you had such a great time...can't wait to hear more!