Monday, October 20, 2008

Part III - The Party

Sorry it has taken me a little while to finish my final post. I cannot express in words what a great weekend it was. All of my teammates will always hold a special place in my heart. Thanks for all of the memories...the ones we've made together and the ones we will make together! Our night wouldn't be complete without a trip to the Final Score. Here's some pictures of the end of our special day.

Amie and I...I don't see this girl enough...MISS YOU! Tara and I...can you believe it's been 7+ years since we lived together in the dorms?
This is at the very end of the night...nice double chin, huh? Twins will do that to you!
The new Final Score one is getting passed us!
My work BFF's!
Scharts and Hoota...I miss you guys!
And Jon Mayer took a little time off with Jennifer Anniston to have a drink with us.
K-Dawg and Amie...I wonder how many $2.50 Long Islands we all drank...

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