Thursday, October 16, 2008

Hall of Fame Induction - Part II - Football Game & Banquet

Continuing on with our great weekend...a few of us had some time to meet in "Heaven" for a drink before the football game. Don't worry, it was just one drink. After that it was off to the Chancellor's Box at the UWSP Homecoming football game. Funny story...I work for her at UWSP, and she had NO clue who I was...that's what happens when you're a pee-0n (a.k.a. Asst. coach). We had fun at the was pretty hot in the box though. After the game we all tried to run home and get prettied up for the banquet...took a lot of work for some of us (me!). The banquet was nice. I had the opportunity to speak on behalf of my teammates like I did for our Final Four banquet 6.5 years ago. Overall it was a great night. Unfortunately the boys got a little tired/fussy - way passed their bed time by the time the banquet was over. I only got to take one picture with them at the banquet...that was probably the biggest bummer of the night. Stay mean "part" III is soon to come!

Getting our Homecoming beads...Waving as I was introduced...Kari (who amazingly had a baby like 11 days ago in this pic) was inducted as an individual too! Congrats Kari - you look amazing! There is the big Shirl right next to her too!All of us on the field..My family shot at the banquet...the only one! Thanks to all of you for coming! I love you all so much!
Here's a cropped shot of me and my great boys! I'm one lucky gal!!
The Big Shirl and I...Love her too!Mom & Dad with Brody...apparently dad and Brody watched a litlte Rambo that night!Congrats again Kari! What a beautiful family!Kelly & of my work BFF, right Kel?Tara & I - Happy Birthday!


SaraBelle said...

Great pictures! It sounds like an awesome weekend (and you look fabulous -- I LOVE your outfit!).

Jenny said...

The boys are so cute and you look Great!

rachael said...

what an honor megan, it is amazing! i love the family picture too :)